Perkins streamlines the interactions between people and services, at the same time, offers new opportunities.

Bronze plan



  • Virtual assistant on the web
  • Basic contexts
  • 5 customisable contexts
  • Monthly maintenance

Silver plan



  • Virtual assistant on the web
  • Virtual assistant in Telegram
  • Basic contexts
  • Advanced contexts
  • 5 customizable contexts
  • Monthly maintenance
  • AI optimisation

Gold plan



  • Virtual assistant on the web
  • Virtual assistant on Telegram
  • Basic contexts
  • Advanced contexts
  • 10 customisable contexts
  • Monthly maintenance
  • AI optimization
  • Technical support

How does Perkins work?

It is programmed using artificial intelligence and machine
learning (machine learning). Therefore, beyond answering
according to data stored in its memory,
interprets what the client says, gives coherent answers and
learn from each of their interactions. Generally, the
conversation is conducted through text and language is used
short and direct for best results.

Using Perkins, am I dehumanizing my business?

No! Quite the opposite! Perkins provides a specialized service to your customers, 24/7 365 days a year! Keep in mind that human support plays a key role, regardless the type of approach and platform, the intervention human is necessary to configure, train and optimize the chatbot system.

Why subscribe to Perkins?

Perkins streamlines interactions between people and services by at the same time, it offers new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service.

How is Perkins maintained?

Perkins maintenance is about improving your intelligence artificial to answer and discuss the needs of your customers!

Perkins works 24/7, serving thousands of customers to same time

You don't take a vacation, you don't get sick, you don't need to rest; Perkins, perfect